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 StarBoard IFPD Advanced Technology

The Starboard Interactive Flat Panel Displays provide the latest in infrared touch technology and has the features you need to meet the demands of active presentations and training environments. Thirteen pairs of function buttons, front speakers and IR technology make StarBoard Interactive Flat Panel Displays easy and intuitive to use. The large interactive Surface offers an incredible image and is an excellent platform for both classroom education and business training applications.
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Interactive Displays:

TE-SN Series Interactive Touch Screens
   Sizes: 65A”  75A” 80″ 86″ 98″

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Interactive Whiteboards:

StarBoard IWB’s have been an Educational Staple Across North and South America for over 15 Years.
FX Series Interactive Whiteboards

FX79E2 Interactive Whiteboard




FX89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard





FX98/104E2 Interactive Whiteboard





Interactive E-Chart:



  • Custom toolbar
  • Built-in Google™ image search
  • Armed with useful accessories

Deliver more powerful and efficient interactive presentations and collaborations using StarBoard Software

Used for non-StarBoard branded interactive products

The StarBoard SBSWSA is the licensed edition of StarBoard Software which is used for non-StarBoard branded interactive products. Designed specifically for professionals, this budget-friendly software creates easy collaboration, information sharing, and improves interactive presentation.

StarBoard Software ensures every presentation, meeting, collaboration and brainstorming to be more engaging, powerful and meaningful.


Note: Without purchasing a License Key, software has a 60 day trial period.

A rich range of educational resources

StarBoard software includes a rich range of educational resources: integrated classroom accessories and tool, images clipart, backgrounds and Flash animations, access to the community forum as well as an online resource center, accessible directly from the StarBoard menu.

Cooperative learning and sharing ideas

Cooperative learning and sharing ideas are some of the unique benefits of the multi-input pad, which allows three students to write on a lesson at the same time.

StarBoard interactive software features

StarBoard-Software-Layout-OptionsLayout Options – Personalize your workspace to match your specific needs.  Work in full-screen mode or add the top menu bar, sidebar tabs, context toolbar, trash can, and page tab for more accessibility.
StarBoard-Software-Custom-ToolbarCustom Toolbar – Stretch out or collapse the toolbar and adjust its height and orientation according on your preference. External files and apps are easy to add to the toolbar, with the option to save it for future use.
StarBoard-Software-Search-EngineSearch Engines – Up to 4 search engines can be added to the software to easily access frequently used sites with search capabilities. Research topics by choosing a word to seamlessly connect to any search engine.
StarBoard-Software-Image-IntegrationImage Integration – Explore topics using the software’s built-in Google™ image search to discover content instantly. Drag and drop images from the world’s largest search engine into your whiteboard space.
StarBoard-Software-Smart-PensSmart Pens – Use the intelli-pen to draw accurate shapes and arrows, or the highlighter pen to hide and reveal annotations. Clean up handwritten words by snapping them into text with the text pen.
StarBoard-Software-ConferenceConference – Allows real-time sharing of information with colleagues around the world. With a shared whiteboard space, everyone can see, write notes and make changes easily.
StarBoard-Software-AnnotateAnnotate – Whether working with files inside or outside of StarBoard Software, annotating over documents has never been easier when using the software pens to markup digital content.
StarBoard-Software-Important-FilesImport Files – Import Microsoft Office, PDF, and multi-media files into the software, enabling instant markup. Annotate over motion video to add dimension to your digital lectures and presentations.
StarBoard-Software-AccessoriesAccessories – StarBoard software offers a collection of useful accessories for many applications, such as the protractor, compass, spotlight, screen recorder, stopwatch, ruler and many more.


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